Midlands Audio Institute

A Corporate and Continuing Education program though Midlands Technical College training students to become Audio Engineers since 2004.

Studio Recording 2

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Studio Recording 2 picks up where Studio Recording 1 left off, with more discussion of plug-ins, outboard audio gear, studio setups and defining mixing versus mastering.

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1. Review and assessment of knowledge of general audio terms and audio devices. Pro Tools refresher and overview of the goals of this class.

2. Studio operations. Setting up and operating recording sessions, general guidelines. Setting up Pro Tools for sessions. Studio
management. The jobs of engineering and producing defined. Control room and headphone monitoring systems.

3. Microphone selection and placement. Advanced techniques using an array of different microphones and direct boxes on different sources.Configuring interfaces for tracking. Implementing of signal flow.

4. The art and science of mastering as well as the basics of sound and how it is perceived by the ear.

5. Analog outboard gear. High-end mic preamps, outboard compressors, EQs and their integration within different studio scenarios during tracking.

6. Mixing with plug-ins: selecting and using plug-ins for in-the-box digital mixing. The process of selecting, purchasing and authorizing plug-ins.

7. Mixing Part 2: Utilizing and understand effects and preparing final masters.

8. Final project due and final exam.