Studio Recording 1

flyer for studio recording 1 class


In this course, students will learn the latest techniques in audio recording while operating the industry standard Pro Tools workstation, utilizing both recording and editing procedures. mixing techniques, microphone placement, studio set-up and signal processing (analog/ digital) will also be covered.


1. Statement of goals, student’s knowledge of audio, refresher on basics from Intro to Audio Class and setting goals for the class. Basic Pro Tools systems overview. Pointers on selecting and setting up a Pro Tools system. Basic computer and file management skills.

2. Getting started with Pro Tools. Creating and storing projects with an emphasis on basic file management. Importing audio, 1st lab project assigned.

3. Microphone selection and placement. Using mics, mic preamps, pop filters and sound treatment during tracking.

4. Selecting and assigning final recording projects for students (sample proposal passed out). Setting up Pro Tools sessions for tracking, creating a bounce. 1st lab project due. 2nd lab project assigned.

5. Setting up a recording studio control room: Monitoring, acoustic environment, using talkback. Written proposal for final project due.

6. Setting up Pro Tools for mixing. A basic overview of plug-in compressors and equalizers. 2nd lab assignment due.

7. Review of important concepts and terms covered in the 1st – 7th classes. Review for final exam. More in class hands-on exercises.

8. Final project presentation and final exam.