Studio Recording 1


Learn the latest techniques in audio recording. From analog to digital, this course will improve your abilities to record music at home or in a studio. Covers Pro Tools and analog outboard equipment.


1. Assessment of student’s knowledge of audio, refresher on basics and setting goals for the class. Basic Pro Tools overview.

2. Getting started with Pro Tools. Creating and storing projects with an emphasis on basic file management.

3. Microphone selection and placement. Using Mics, preamps and compressors during tracking.

4. Setting up Pro Tools sessions for tracking, creating bounces.

5. Setting up a recording studio control room: monitoring, acoustic environment and using talkback.

6. Setting up Pro Tools for mixing, utilizing auxiliary sends, bussing and subgroups.

7. Using plug-ins during mixing, and continuing covering basic Pro Tools functions.

8. Final project presentation and final exam.