Live Sound Production


This class will teach you what you need to know to work in the live sound business. Learn how to design, setup and operate live sound systems for concerts and other events. Understand all the components of a sound system and how to mix sound.


1. Discussion of class goals and types of equipment to be used during demonstrations. In class demonstration of entry level PA system. Live mixing console overview.

2. Equipment maintenance and repair, soldering and speaker cabinet driver replacement. Anatomy of speaker systems and cabling. 1st Lab assignment given.

3. Constructing and understanding stage plots, sound system setup and positioning, live sound microphone techniques with demonstration. Discussion of applications – music performance, DJ, presentation, live streaming.

4. PA system configuration covering consoles, crossovers, power amps, equalizers and speaker systems and their interconnection. Matching components. 1st lab assignment due, 2nd Lab assignment given.

5. Wireless microphones. Handheld, lavaliere and headset microphone usage in live settings. Overview of fixed installation PA systems.

6. Live sound system setup and operation in class by students using a digital mixing console. Discussion of on-stage monitor systems including in-ear monitors and multiple monitor mixes.

7. Discussion of the latest advances in sound system technology and touring PA systems. Review for final exam.

8. Final exam.