Music Business

flyer for music business class


This course will introduce students to an overview of the music business to include: building a team, major label deals vs independent, marketing campaigns, publishing, licensing, distribution, selling and promoting music. This course will identify key business management skills needed to pursue a career in the music industry.


Class 1. Instructor introduction, student goals, overview of program, expectations.

Class 2. Building A Team – Identify what task can be done yourself and when to appoint an expertUnderstand the role of a business manager, personal manager, public relations and booking agent.

Class 3. Understanding A Record Deal – The role of A&R departments, agreement terms, advances and signing bonus, promotional cost, royalties recouping advances.

Class 4. Songwriting and Publishing Analyze the business of songwriting, understand how to publish songs, identify music publishing companies, monitoring and collection of royalties through organizations such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, signing a publishing deal copyrighting songs.

Class 5. Image – Branding, merchandise, self development and planning.

Class 6. Marketing + Promotion – Marketing plans, online vs. retail, social media. Invoices and accounting.

Class 7. Press + Public Relations – national, regional, local, specialized and trade press – how and when to communicate to them, and when to hire outside help.

Class 8. Final Exam.