Digital Music Production

flyer for the digital music production class


Learn how to make beats and create music tracks for all genres of music, video games and film soundtracks. Course covers the digital audio program Reason. Upon completion of this course students will be able to program and mix digital projects. Topics include MIDI, signal flow, multi-tracking, songwriting and more.


1. Introduction to digital music production and the digital production platform Reason.

2. Setting up a digital studio. Creating musical ideas. Building a drum beat in Redrum and Dr. Octo Rex.

3. Electronic music synthesizers. Properties of sound. Adding sound and musical elements with Subtractor, Maelstrom, and Thor.

4. Using samples and samplers. Importing audio into Reason.

5. Creating patterns in Reason, the sequencer, sequencing, and song arrangement.

6. Effects processing and mixing, overview of effects types. Adding EQs, reverb and delays.

7. Exporting/bouncing mixes. Review for final exam.

8. Project presentations and final exam.