Midlands Audio Institute is dedicated to teaching basic audio skills to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Whether a persons goals are to become a part time live soundman, professional recording engineer or a musician that wants a better understanding of how it all works, MAI is designed to be a big first step in properly learning the skills. In our eight-week classes students learn how to use all of the standard types of audio equipment and basic theory of operation. We cover all types of microphones, mixing consoles, compressors, EQs, reverbs, power amps and more with live demonstration during classes.


Classes also cover maintenance and troubleshooting of studio and PA system hardware. Midlands Audio Institute can help students make informed decisions when purchasing, setting up and operating their own studio or sound system. We also help students with career goals if they are looking at working professionally in the industry.


MAI offers job advisement in the form of unpaid internships with local industry related companies. MAI gives you the skills necessary to be a professional in the Audio Engineering and Music Business industry. The MAI does not offer job placement.



Introduction to Audio


Studio Recording 1


Studio Recording 2


Studio Recording 3


Commercial Music Theory


Digital Music Production


Music Business


Live Sound Production


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