Studio Recording 3

flyer for studio recording 3 class


Create and mix audio and sound FX for video and film. Learn advanced song editing and arranging skills to make altering song structures easy and quick! Mastering masterclass! We will take a deep dive into mastering and explain the process.


1. Refresher of Pro Tools Basics (Signal Flow, Mix Structuring, Configuring
Pro Tools to work with different interfaces along with an overview of what
we would like to achieve during the class. Critical listening and critique of
music in class.
2. Creating and Modifying Edit groups and song construction from beat
files- creation of edit groups and advanced editing techniques using edit
groups. Flying vocals and general music group editing. Looping Lab 1
3. Automation- We will cover automation of channel volume, pan, and
effect sends as well as basic automation of Plug ins during mixing. 1st Lab
Due. Run over Lab 1 in class
Exporting files for mastering. Specs for delivering. Uploading to streaming
services and basic online file sharing.
4. Guest Speaker Dave Harris of Studio B Mastering in charlotte NC will
come to explain the process of mastering the job of the mastering

5. Importing Video and creating audio for video using music and sound
effects with in class demonstration. Final Project assigned – creating
audio soundtrack for a short film clip) (read Chapter 5)
6. Guest Instructor FatRat Da Czar Mix Engineer and Producer. He will
explain the process of for hire song mixing as well as some of his favorite
mix techniques and plug ins.
7. Follow up on mastering techniques and look at final project progress.
Exploring M/S processing. Review for Final Exam
8. Final presentation of final projects and written final exam
Lab Hours
Monday-Friday 10:00-5:00