Studio Recording 3


Create and mix audio and sound FX for video and film. Learn advanced song editing and arranging skills to make altering song structures easy and quick! Mastering masterclass! We will take a deep dive into mastering and explain the process.


1. Refresher of Pro Tools basics such as file management, creating sessions, basic Pro Tools interfaces along with an overview of what we would like to achieve during the class.

2. Editing basics which will include vocal and music editing, music looping, time stretching, editing in grid and shuffle mode.

3. Creating and modifying edit groups – creation of edit groups and advanced editing techniques using edit groups.

4. Automation of channel volume, pan, and effect sends as well as basic automation of plug-ins.

5. Importing video and creating audio for video using music and sound effects.

6. Making MIDI recordings Рa look at MIDI recording and music production. MIDI editing, looping and exporting as audio files.

7. Basic mastering techniques.

8. Final projects and final exam.