Midlands Audio Institute

A Corporate and Continuing Education program though Midlands Technical College training students to become Audio Engineers since 2004.


1. Is this program accredited?
Taking classes at the Midlands Audio Institute means you get the career training you need to become an audio engineer with the accrediation of Midlands Technical College through their Corporate Continuing Education. Each student receives a certificate of completion for each class taken, and after taking all eight classes offered through our program a certificate as an audio engineer is awarded.

2. How long does it take to complete all of the classes offered?
Our program can be completed in as little as six months, and our program’s flexibility allows students to take classes as it fits in their schedule. This means you can take classes at a frequency that works for you, whether its over six months or a couple of years.

3. What sort of credentials does your staff have?
All of our professors are professionals in the industry you are studying – be it studio owners, audio engineers, music business professionals, studio musicians or digital music artists.

4. Does this program offer an job placement?
We do not offer job placement, but after the completion of all eight classes there is an option to take an internship where we pair you with a local or regional audio company to receive real world experience.

5. Does this program offer financial aid?
As a corporate and continuing education program, our audio engineering classes do qualify for traditional financial aid. Certain veterans and active military members may qualify for financing through the GI Bill, but this is something that must be discussed with Midlands Technical College admissions department. They can be contacted at 803-738-7839 or by visiting their website.